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Hi, my name is Adam Wiemers and I am the 'programmer' of the game Gallow's Pole and also your tour guide. Your first question is probably 'What in the world is Gallow's Pole anyway?'. That's a very good question.

In all truth and honesty, Gallow's Pole is just a knock off of the age old game of Hangman. I wanted a challenge that would put my Java Script programming abilities to the test. So I devised a plan to recreate the game of Hangman that could be played on a web page via the internet. You will find that the same familiar elements are here, but I've added a few surprises to make the game a little more enjoyable.

'What is Java Script?' you may be asking. That too, is a good question. Java Script is a pseudo programming language that is used most commonly on web pages. Even if you haven't heard of it, you've seen it many times without realizing it. Many dynamic events and special effects you may see on some ones web page, such as image swapping or mouse click events, were probably designed using Java Script. Well, I've taken Java Script and pushed it to the limit to create an enjoyable, free standing game.

Gallow's Pole is intended to be a two player game. One person chooses a word (hey, no peeking if you have to guess it!) and the other tries to guess what it is. However, if you're just interested in seeing how my program works, and the surprise that waits for you if you lose, then you're more then welcome to monkey around with it.

I would enjoy hearing from you and your feedback is appreciated. Your comments, negative or positive, are the only reward I get for such a programming venture. Enjoy!

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