I've never wanted someone so bad in my life
I was willing to make any sacrifice
But I wasn't prepared to wait thousands of years
I never thought I'd have to shed all of these tears

I made the mistake of feeling some hope
I needed anything to help me to cope
I should have never started to care
With no defenses my heart was laid bare

That's when they exploited my vulnerable state
And impaled my heart upon a dagger of hate
And they twisted and wrenched it until it broke free
And they left its blade buried deep inside me

The pain is excrutiating, the damage is done
And they rejoice in the fact that they've finally won

They've broken my will and it can't be repaired
And they've left me to die in a pit of despair
I struggle in vain 'cause the wound is too deep
The ground is too thick the walls are too steep

I lay here and bleed red droplets of dreams
Into a vast crimson river they stream
The one who can heal me has been taken away
Ripped from my arms in a nefarious way

Will she arrive before it's too late?
I don't know how long I can wait

©2000 Adam Wiemers

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