After a brief four year hiatus I am going to be updating our web page once again mostly for the benefit of friends and family afar. I will update this page when applicable so visit frequently. Not all links are currently active.



As things happen I will update this section with news, photos, downloads and anything else that may be applicable.
For those who are interested this area will provide great resources on the things that have occured since Jennifer and I have been together.
Wow, it's weird to have a section like this on my web site! At any rate, this section will track any and all of our rugrats that may be here or coming.
Here I will put any information and tidbits that don't seem to fit in any other category. Did I spell miscellaneous right? :)
A place to view information of a spiritual nature and download theocraticly oriented files. Content contributions are welcomed.
As my piano song repertoire increases I thought it aprapos to give them their own section. I hope you enjoy listening to them.



SPECIAL NOTE: I've password protected the "My Life" area of my web site. This is to help protect the privacy of my family from strangers. To recieve authorization please send a blank email to and you will be sent the username/password.

March 30
Added new pics to Carson's 3 years old and Sadie's 4 years old section. Also opened up new years (4 and 5 respectively) for them both.

November 4
New pics of both kids!

November 30
I'm in the process of converting all my piano songs from analog to digital. Today I converted the Pink Floyd song "Nobody Home."

November 26
I've recorded another piano song from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album. Obviously, you'll find it in my piano songs section! :)

November 16
After too long of a reprieve I have finally updated the kids' web site. You'll find the new pics in the 4 - 6 months and 7 - 9 months sections of their sites.

June 15
I just added more pics of both kids that I just took about an hour ago. Enjoy!

June 13
I apologize for letting more than 6 months get by without updating my kids' section. I've added a 10 - 12 month section for Sadie's 2nd year and Carson's 1st and opened up Sadie's '3 year old' section and Carson's '2 year old' section. Hope you enjoy.

January 11
Yet another piano song has been added to my collection. This has quickly become my favorite one to play and I hope you'll enjoy listening to it! :)

December 6
If you've got a PDA and you'd like to be able to access the Watchtower Library on it, then check out the new content I've added to the "Theocratic" section of my site.

November 8
I've updated the kids' site. I've opened up their "7 to 9 months" section for viewing, but don't forget to look at the new pics in their "4 to 6 months" section first!

August 25
I finished updating the kids' section with the remaining pictures I have. I have no more pictures!! And I'm never taking another picture again!! (just kidding)

August 24
I added another post to my blog "Illation Vertex." Since I'm going to be updating it on a weekly basis I'm going to discontinue posting the updates here.

August 23
Yes! I actually, finally updated the kids' pics! I opened the 4 - 6 month section for both of them and posted all the new pics there. Enjoy! :)

August 22
After nearly 10 months I added another post to my blog "Illation Vertex". Check it out here:

August 3

I've recorded a new piano song. You'll find it in the piano section of my web site. Check it out!

July 16
Well, we're back from vacation. Although I have many things to add to my web site the first order of business was to update one of my piano songs. I discovered that the tempo was way too fast and there was no version with lyrics available. So, I've corrected both of those problems. Find them in the piano section of my web site.

June 7
I've updated both Sadie and Carson's site with new pics. Some of them were just taken today!!

Apr. 26
Sorry it's taken so long but I've finally added all the pics I have of Sadie and Carson. Be sure to check out their 10 -12 months sections before moving on to the new sections I opened (which is the "1 Year Old!" section for Carson and the "2 Years Old!" section for Sadie).

Mar. 24
Sadie turned 2 years old today and I will soon have more pictures up of the kids. But for now, I finally uploaded the rest of my Hawaii pics. You'll find them in the Current Events section of my web site.

Mar. 7
We've been in Hawaii now for a few days and I've uploaded some of the pics for your enjoyment. You'll find them in the Current Events section of my web site.

Feb. 28
I now am the much belated owner of a myspace account. Check it out at

Feb. 27
Uploaded new pics of both Sadie and Carson (look in the 10 - 12 months section of their sites)

Feb. 25
Recorded another piano song. It's called "Hey You" and you'll find it in the "without lyrics" section of my piano songs. I'll be uploading a version with lyrics sometime soon.

Jan. 18
Uploaded more pics to Carson's 7 - 9 months section and opened up the 10 - 12 months section for both Sadie and Carson for viewing.

Jan. 16
Got some pics of the Geekmobile. Check them out in the Current Events section.

Jan. 14
On Saturday evening I was involved in a high speed collision with another vehicle while driving my Geekmobile home from work. Check out the story and a video in the "Current Events" section. If you want to skip the story and just view the video just look for the link in the last paragraph.

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